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Unless otherwise stated elsewhere, ROAMERDRIVE overdrives are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase.

This warranty is made to the original purchaser only and covers ROAMERDRIVE overdrives that have been installed on the same vehicle since purchase. We (or our appointed distributor) will repair or replace any overdrive unit that suffers from manufacturing defects within the warranty period.

In order to take advantage of this warranty the unit must be returned, at your expense, to the distributor. If you purchase the overdrive directly from our factory in West Vancouver, the unit must be returned to our factory at your expense.

Following examination in our factory, if your warranty claim is deemed to be a manufacturer’s defect, we will refund your cost to ship the unit to us, upon presentation of a valid receipt for shipping costs.

PRIOR TO RETURNING a unit under warranty, you must first contact your distributor, or our factory in West Vancouver, to discuss your issue. Once we have all the necessary information, we will issue a Warranty Return Approval document. We will NOT accept any unit that is returned under warranty if it has not first been issued a Warranty Return Approval document.

Your Warranty Return Approval document will have detailed instructions on the shipping documentation that must be sent with the overdrive unit being returned under warranty. Not following the warranty return shipping instructions may result in unnecessary additional government charges being levied, which will be your responsibility.

Once warranty work is done, our distributor or the factory will return the unit to you freight prepaid.

Transfer case gear noise is not covered under this warranty.   If your transfer case gears are worn, then your noise problem can be rectified by replacing these gears, not by replacing the overdrive.  It should be noted that initial cases of minor gear noise tend to be self-correcting as the new and old gears in the gear train bed in together over the first 10,000 km.

Under no circumstances will we cover the cost of removing or replacing the overdrive on a vehicle, or be responsible for any other expenses whatsoever.

Our warranty does not cover damage caused by lack of lubrication, use of improper oil, or damage caused by overheating the ROAMERDRIVE in applications with non-standard engines and gear boxes.

Download the PDF document Oils for DS & SS