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FOR LAND ROVERS SERIES 80, 86, 88, 107, 109

The Model SS ROAMERDRIVE is an upgraded version of our model SX first introduced in 2001. The upgrades on the SS model include a more open front-end architecture that enables oil shared with the transfer case to be circulated more efficiently. An Archimedes screw on the main shaft retains oil behind a ‘dam’ in the front cover to ensure efficient lubrication at high speeds and on steep inclines.

The SS model was first developed to meet the demands of enthusiasts installing non-standard 200 Tdi and V8 motors into Series Land Rover where the SX versions were found to run at elevated temperatures in high speed motorway driving.

This modern overdrive uses planetary gear technology developed from North American automatic transmissions and has little in common with the historical designs of overdrive such as the Fairey, Toro and Santana that were developed in the 1960s using spur gears. Compared with these heritage designs, the SS ROAMERDRIVE runs virtually silently and experience has shown that owners can expect to cover many, many thousands of miles with no service required whatsoever.

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The shift lever is fitted to the R.H. side of the transmission tunnel in the same way as older designs of Series overdrive. Exposed lever components and trim are made of stainless steel.  A dipstick assembly is provided to monitor transfer case oil level. This dipstick screws into the oil filler aperture and a convenient alternative filler plug is provided in a new top cover plate. Note that some modification of the dipstick elbow may be required on Land Rovers prior to the Series IIA.


This overdrive will fit all Land Rover Series I, II, IIA and III, four and six cylinder models, with the exception of those fitted with one-ton transfer cases.  It will also not fit the Stage 1 V8 model.

On six cylinder models, the 'L' bracket to which the lever mounts, and the associated tie rod, must be extended forward by 50mm.

IMPORTANT NOTE - If you use the SS ROAMERDRIVE with a non-standard engine, the SX-COV oil cooling transfer case cover MUST be fitted.

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To engage the overdrive when on the highway, wait until you are travelling at about 50 mph (80 kph) in fourth gear. Depress the clutch and move the actuating lever forward exactly as you would when changing gear.  When the clutch is released the engine RPM will drop by 28% and the noise level in the cab of the Land Rover will drop significantly. As changing traffic and gradient dictate, you can engage and disengage the ROAMERDRIVE.

You will find the Global Roamer overdrive very useful as a splitter gear between normal third and normal fourth.  This allows you to climb long hills where normal fourth would be too high and normal third too low.

You cannot damage a ROAMERDRIVE by using it in all gears.

In off-road conditions, when driving in low range, the overdrive is useful for raising the ratios making it unnecessary to engage and disengage the high range lever.

Driving a Land Rover with an overdrive is a pleasant experience as it is possible to have a normal conversation at relatively high motoring speeds.

The inclination to drive faster with the overdrive negates considerable fuel savings to be had if one retains one's original driving patterns. Our experience shows that drivers who use the ROAMERDRIVE at moderate speeds will save up to 15% on their fuel costs. Long-term reduction in wear and tear of engine and drive line components is also considerable. Bear this in mind and your Global Roamer overdrive will pay for itself quickly. 


Earlier Model SX Roverdrive

There are minor technical differences between the earlier model SX overdrive and the current model SS overdrive.

If you require technical support on either model Series overdrive, please contact our office in West Vancouver, B.C. Canada, by telephone at 604.925.1260, or by email at