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The owners of GLOBAL ROAMER CORPORATION drive Land Rovers and have enjoyed testing overdrives in expedition conditions on four continents.

In the twenty-three years since the overdrive was first produced, we have covered some impressive distances in our vehicles. These journeys have proven the durability of the ROAMERDRIVE under extreme conditions and gave us the opportunity to meet customers in many countries.

The fuel savings repaid the cost of the prototype overdrives many times over and proved the overdrive to be essential equipment on any extended overland journey.

Following are a few of our stories.


Global Roamer Corporation Purchased in the UK in 2000, we used Bean to travel to shows all over Europe, demonstrating our Series overdrive, getting as far north as Sweden and south to Spain in the process.
Bean has since emigrated to North America (on the ferry from Liverpool to Halifax) and has been rebuilt in our workshop on a Marsland chassis with a five main bearing engine.

  Bean at home in West Vancouver


Global Roamer Corporation Ozcar is owned and driven by our good friends, Chris & Jen, and has accompanied us on many travels. Originally registered in the UK, Ozcar was fitted out in Canada with a new 300TD engine and one of our first Defender overdrives.
Ozcar has since done over 60,000 km on expeditions to Alaska, Australia, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Morocco.

 Gunbarrel Highway, Central Australia 2005

'RUDY' 1995 Discovery LHD TDI LAND ROVER

Global Roamer Corporation Rudy was purchased in 2003, and used as a trial vehicle for the DX model overdrive, carrying us safely on our first expedition to Alaska. He also did two expeditions across Australia, through the Simpson Desert, and getting as far as the Canning Stock Route and remote Walcott inlet.
Rudy has since returned to Canada but has succumbed to dreaded body corrosion. His legacy lives on as we can still supply an overdrive for a Discovery II with a Q type 1.2 ratio transfer case. (See Model DQ Overdrive)

 Enroute to Alaska 2003


Global Roamer Corporation Lily is Number 1 of a rare collector's series of 25 sold in Canada in 1994, with just about every option imaginable.
Originally a V8,we fitted Lily with an international 2.8 diesel. She was the test vehicle for the second-generation DS overdrives with the 'thru the boot' shift mechanism. We drove her thousands of miles in the USA and participated in several major rallies. Eventually she became far too valuable for our purposes and moved on to other owners, leaving us with fond memories of shared adventures.

 Camping, British Columbia Interior 2008

'MATILDA' 1986 LAND ROVER 110 Matilda is an Australian built 110 with the coveted Isuzu 4BD1 diesel engine. Acquired in Queensland with 250,000 miles on the clock (and a damaged rear tub), we fitted her out in our workshop with a complete expedition rear body and rooftop tent. She spent several years traveling the wilds through many African and European countries and North America with Ozcar (above).
Back in North America, Matilda completed a round trip from Vancouver to Alaska but was sold in 2019 when we started constructing a 101 Expedition Camper see 'MONTY' below.

 On her 3rd African expedition, meeting a new friend at the Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania

'THE TANK' 1967 Series IIA LAND ROVER 109

Global Roamer Corporation Philip Goodall has been separated from his Land Rover for a few years now. These pictures are from wilderness Safaris in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Philip reckons a ROAMERDRIVE would have done wonders for the 5 km/litre fuel consumption recorded from his six cylinder 2.6L engine.
Philip reckons a ROAMERDRIVE would have done wonders for the 5 km/litre fuel consumption recorded from his six cylinder 2.6L engine.

 Cold beer lay-by, eastern Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe

'MONTY' 1976 101 GS Forward Control MILITARY LAND ROVER

Global Roamer Corporation MONTY is a LHD 101 Forward Control vehicle we rescued from Alberta, moved to British Columbia and have built up to make a comfortable expedition Camper. Modifications include an ISUZU 4BD2TI diesel engine, an NV4500 five speed gearbox and a 1.2 ratio LT230 transfer case with a Model DQ ROAMERDRIVE. Other mods include higher ratio differentials, a Detroit Locker, Silverado 12" slotted disc, Disc Brakes all round and Saginaw power steering. The camper is a modified 8 ft. Palomino Truck camper with a pop-up roof.

 Fall camping in comfort British Columbia. We don't miss the roof top tent!