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Sales in Canada and the United States are shipped direct from our factory.

Please contact us by telephone at 604.925.1260 or by email at

PRICING - US Dollars

Products for Defender Land Rovers

Part DS   Overdrive $2,000
Part DS-COV  Transfer Case Cooling Sump  $   175
Part DX-T Oil Temperature Gauge $     75


Products for Series Land Rovers

Part SS Overdrive $2,000
Part SX-COV Transfer Case Cooling Sump $   175
Part SX-PLUG Replacement Drain Plug $     35
Part S-DIP  Series Dip Stick Kit $     35
Part SX-BOOT Series Boot Kit $     15


Current shipping costs to anywhere in Canada and the continental U.S.A are as follows:

Overdrive $120
Cooling Sump $  25
Overdrive & Cooling Sump $145
STARTREX Starter $  35

No additional charge to ship a Temperature Gauge when purchasing a Cover.


Payment must be received prior to shipping.

Accepted methods of payment are direct deposit or Bank Cashiers Check.

We do not accept Credit Cards.

We will accept your payment by PayPal if you are willing to pay the 4% PayPal fee.

You are welcome to make your purchase directly from our factory, with a pre-arranged appointment to pick-up.

A purchase that ships to an address in Canada is subject to sales taxes as levied by the shipped to Province.