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To fit 1.21 RATIO 'Q' Transfer Case in Custom Applications

Global Roamer Corporation


The Model DQ ROAMERDRIVE is an overdrive made to fit the Q Series fine tooth transfer case found in LAND ROVER Discovery 2 and Puma models. These transfer cases have a 1.21 ratio.

This overdrive is intended to be utilized on vehicles (mostly other than Land Rovers) where the Land Rover 230 Q transfer case is employed as a custom installation. In North America such transfer cases can be inexpensively sourced from scrap Discovery 2 Land Rover models and the installations are usually made in Toyotas or Jeeps and other American or North American made vehicles.

The Q transfer case with a DQ model ROAMERDRIVE is not a practical installation in a standard Land Rover Defender 5 speed model as the higher ratio cannot be sustained by the power of a standard engine. They can be used in a Discovery 2 model, or a Discovery 1 model fitted with a Q transfer case, but some modification of the vehicle coachwork may be required and a shift linkage fabricated.

The overdrive is sold as a complete unit ready to insert in a transfer case but does not include any lever or linkages. Applications in vehicles with more than 150 BHP may require special oil cooling arrangements.

The DQ ROAMERDRIVE is not stocked by distributors and must be ordered directly from our factory in Sointula.