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Global Roamer CorporationClick image to enlarge “Defender 1995 300Tdi, on our Cape York, Australia trip last year. Your ROAMERDRIVE was just what we needed for the long highway runs we had to do en route from and to the Gold Coast.

Have highly recommended it to all my mates in the local Land Rover Club.”

Neil (Auckland, NZ)

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“On a recent trip to New Zealand's South Island.  I covered about 5,000 kms both on and off road in 7 days of driving in my '96 300Tdi 90 truck cab, and it would have seemed a lot further without the overdrive!

The focus of my trip was to visit some of the old gold workings around Queenstown and Central Otago, but this photo was taken further North at dawn in the bed of the Wairau River near the Marlborough wine region (liquid gold!).

The Global Roamer overdrive has transformed the 90 into a viable choice for a trip like this!" Rob Parker (Auckland, NZ)
Global Roamer CorporationClick image to enlarge This Series IIA beauty belongs to Yoram Bronicki, Nevada, U.S.A., who says  ”Here is RTT, patiently waiting for the ROAMERDRIVE ”

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"The Roamerdrive unit finally arrived in its little wooden box, giving the whole thing a touch of handmade quality. This impression is confirmed when opening the box and having a closer look at the unit itself, very clean and solid work.

The step-by-step fitting instruction makes the process of installing it an easy and straight forward operation. It's done and the unit is working. The reduction in RPM is immense and in the long run there will hopefully be a surprise when driving to the gas station.

This is a picture of my Series III which I own since 2005 when a good friend and very skilled (Landy) mechanic called me one evening asking: "Would you have some money for a car you actually don't need " (This was the night before I went to sea for six months.) The first two years my new car, (not having T V which is the German MOT) stayed in a friend's garage with its worn diesel engine, two broken windows and about two hundred other "diseases" on the to-do-list. After a long and even colder winter in our unheated workshop we finally went off on our first adventure trip. With new seats, canvas hood, parabolic springs and of course the 2.5 litre diesel engine providing enough power for the 4.7 to 1 Range differentials. Snow (canvas hood - do you remember ) and heavy traffic together with a broken alternator brought us close to giving up. But we finally managed the whole 450 kilometres to my father's garage, where the necessary repairs were made and the next day we received the certificate making my Landy a historic vehicle (over thirty years old and in more or less original condition).

I have been using the Series as an everyday drive for the last 15 months and every morning a little smile runs over my face when I see her parked next to all the family vans and far-east micro cars. In addition she carried my wife and me 1800 kilometres to our holiday destination and back with only one minor roadside repair last summer. Several long-distance runs and off-road tours with Defender driving friends were accomplished without any trouble.

The Roamerdrive has added a little comfort and we are looking forward to new adventures! Best regards from sunny Berlin!" Sven

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1965 Military Land Rover - Series IIA Spec 109


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"It is truly an excellent piece of equipment that I wish I had installed long before the previous unit destroyed itself and left me stranded.

It is very quiet, as advertised, and I'm sure I'm getting better speeds out of every gear although I am a "civilian" driver and can't actually measure that improvement in performance.

I appreciate your follow up and thanks again!"



Global Roamer CorporationClick image to enlarge "We just returned from our Rubicon trip. When installed as per your design, the Roamerdrive worked perfectly every shift every time in both high and low ranges!" Andy
Global Roamer CorporationClick image to enlarge "The Roamerdrive is an awesome piece of kit! It was installed in my truck and two days later it was driving 70 mph on a 1000 mile trip." Andy
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"As it turns out, my truck will be run in Land Rover Lifestyle. They want an article and some pics of the buildup and the places it has been. I intend to mention the great service and gear you provide." Andy

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"Just back from Peking to Paris car rally.

The overdrive came into its own especially in Turkey. With all the very cheap fuel from Iran at $5 for 130 litres then $2.4 for 1 litre in Turkey. Turkey is a big country to cross with fuel prices like that. We did not buy any fuel in Turkey.

This was a ten thousand mile trip done in 36 days. Some long desert days, pot-holed roads and a drop of good asphalt.

Using the Roamerdrive made it much more bearable noise-wise as it kept the revs down and used less fuel. It is nice to know you are not working the engine so hard.

Overall very impressed and would recommend this unit to anyone. Many thanks." Jim