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ROVERDRIVE?is an earlier brand name for ROAMERDRIVE.

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The following are comments from GLOBAL ROAMER customers


gear“Yes, they're very good. Well worth the investment! Great upgrade!”  UK

gear“Six years ago I bought a Roamerdrive from you for my 88 Series 3 Land Rover. It's running great and I'm very happy with it. Now I would like to order another Roamerdrive from you for my 109 Land Rover series 3. Kindly send me a quote.” (Germany)

gear“My DS Overdrive arrived today, and the workmanship, fit and finish are definitely aircraft quality! I’m heading down to Texas with the overdrive next week to install it and drive my OM606 equipped D90 back to Nevada. (Nothing crazy on the horsepower of the OM606…I’m going for distance, not airborne time). The Gods willing I’ll be back home a few days after departure and will be able to write a glowing review in my various online LR sites.”  (USA) 

gear"Just drove 400 kms yesterday, with five hours off road. It’s kind of weird having 20 forward gears to choose from!!! All said, mileage was about 15% better. Used the OD all the time, even when in low range off road. Had to tow an older Series IIA about 15 Kms. Used low range as it died on a long hill on the highway. Pulled it in low range and shifted to OD once underway, it was very smooth and quiet good. As for noise reduction, never had to touch the stereo to increase the volume, not once. Cruises at 140 Kph no problems with the stereo playing and the conversation is normal. Have to down shift into fourth to overtake but that means going 150-160.... still not an issue. Without the OD the 1:4 t-case was very loud at these speeds. It'll cruise all day long at 110-120.”  (USA)

gear“A quick update on this. I got my local garage (Land Rover specialist) to fit the overdrive, and I've been running with it now for 500 miles. Excellent result, cruising at 60mph is now a relatively quiet and refined matter (i.e., you can hold a conversation without shouting), and full consumption has gone from 26 to 30mpg so I'm well pleased.” (USA)

gear“One of the best mods I've done. Now I have a spare LT230 1:2 that I didn't use when I decided to go this route. (Will get rid of that soon, when I clear out the garage). FWIW the 1:2 T-case has a reduction of 15% and the Roamerdrive 28%. My Td5 pulls like a train with the OD engaged from 1st gear.”

gear“ Thought about this for a long time and decided to chat with Ray Wood (the inventor) and it sealed it. Give him a call or email him in North Vancouver.”  (Canada)

gear“Hope this helps some. Feel free to ask more questions, happy to help out. Roamerdrive DS is a lovely bit of kit. I've had one for the last 9 months or so. Seems very well engineered, some very nice touches like the mounting bolts being machined for O rings to prevent leaks. Very easy to install, with the new gearshift mechanism, probably a leisurely 3 hours work. Not completely silent in use, but only just noticeable. You'll need to find EP90 in GL4 spec (the handbook contains dire warnings on the subject of GL4/5 and GL5 oils). Given the cost of the O/D, the fully synthetic GL4 from Castrol seems worth the cost - especially since I couldn't find anywhere with GL4 in stock but Ha****ds had the Castrol on the shelf. If only I'd known how good it was, I wouldn't have wasted my money on that complete **** from GKN years ago. In fact, the only reason I did was that I couldn't be sure the 'old' shift mechanism on the Roverdrive would fit in the Ibex. The new one should fit anything with the correct shift housing on the main box.”  (UK)

gear“I have a Roamerdrive overdrive fitted to my td5 Defender, have done over 80k with it in and more than half of that in overdrive. Down the Canning Stock Route last year and knocked it in and out of overdrive between the dunes and on the claypans leaving the t/case in low range. Also, we tow a KK camper trailer, about 1.5t, 4th gear overdrive is about equal in revs to straight 5th so great for towing and easy on the R380. As for reliability and strength well, I forgot to take it out of overdrive a couple of times going over dunes with the camper in tow and the Roamerdrive certainly handled the extra load.  Also forgot to take it out of overdrive when we went up the lookout at Elquestro and no problem. So, I would say they are very strong.” (Australia)

gear"I just recently had a Roverdrive fitted to my S-III and like Dr. Beast have gone from 17-18 mpg to 24-25 mpg. I am probably driving it a little faster than I used to just because you can but I expect to settle down eventually. Don't know how much that will change the mileage. I am planning on keeping it forever so the investment didn't seem to hurt quite as bad. I like that it gets better mileage, is quieter, doubles the gear selection options (especially nice is splitting the 3rd to 4th gear option on hills) and reduces wear and tear on the 2 1/4. The guys at Roverdrive are great and build a top-notch product. For me it wasn't just about the mileage so it is definitely worth it." (UK)

gear“Support for the product is excellent, I have had numerous emails to and from Ray Wood and always very helpful. I would recommend a Roamerdrive to anyone with a defender and if you have a remap and VNT they make driving the vehicle an absolute pleasure.”

gear“I fitted one of these to a series two with 300tdi the owner drives it hard! 90-100mph plus, and I must say it's a fantastic piece of kit, I always said I’d never spend that much on anything like that but after driving it I was very impressed and would consider getting one, the engineering is second to none, very well designed and easy to fit, I fitted the ally sump plate on the transfer box too as it does get warm! And after nearly 20000 miles mostly in overdrive it's still smooth and tight, thumbs up from me!” (USA)

gear“Luckily I live in Australia and have owned a 2002 Defender 110 from near new and would not swap it for anything even a brand-new Toyota Land cruiser. It is all original with many accessories including a Roamerdrive overdrive and it tows my offroad van where ever I want it to go. It has had a new clutch pressure plate, 4x dampers and tyres in the last 18 years so I would call it very reliable and inexpensive to own. The next owner will have to wait until I die before this vehicle slips from my ownership. I consider the only equal rival to this 4×4 is the G wagon.” (Australia)

gear“I fitted a Roamerdrive last year to my td5, quite hard to fit for a diy, but not that hard, took me 2 days, but really pleased can’t really comment on fuel saving but essential on longer trips, my td5 has updated power output so this probably makes a difference, I can keep overdrive engaged all the time all through the gears to be honest. In a nutshell, wouldn’t be without it.”  (UK)

gear“Fitted a Roamerdrive almost a couple of years ago now. Whilst I don't drive lots of miles per year it has still totally transformed the experience. Once warmed up I tend to leave the overdrive constantly engaged on many journeys as you can use the Roamerdrive in 1st and 2nd too. It makes urban driving easier - taller 1st and 2nd akin to a regular car ratio so pulling out of roundabouts gives you more time before reaching for 2nd.” (UK)

gear“By the time you have paid out for the Fairey you might as well buy the better, stronger Roamerdrive. Fairey can only be used in 3rd and 4th. Roamer can be used in all gears. You can stick it in overdrive and forget about it on long trips. It is quiet and parts are available. Parts are patchy for the Fairey.”

gear“I have a Roverdrive on mine and wouldn't be without it because I also have a 200 TDi engine which makes the Land Rover very under-geared, it's screaming by 50 mph without the overdrive. Also useful as a splitter gear and makes people stare when I change gear in reverse! Overdrive 3rd gear is perfect for 30 mph zones.”  (UK)

gear“I was very pleased with the Roamerdrive in my Series IIA, mainly because it lowers engine revs/noise and marginally increases the highway cruising speed. It’s almost silent in operation. I subsequently fitted a Roamerdrive to my Series 1 and have bought another (in the sales) for my Series 3.  Really great, easy to fit upgrades.” (UK)

gear“I have one behind my 110 300TDi, fitted with the extended sump. Bought secondhand from a well-respected member on here, it's been in use for about 18 months. I found that I easily ran out of revs with it selected and in 5th, on say a motorway incline. At slower speeds there were times when I would normally be in 4th but would need to drop a gear if I left the Roamerdrive engaged. It kind of defeated the object! However, since my partial engine rebuild (new rings, cylinders honed and attention to all boost related pipes), there has been an improvement. I've only done a little more than 1,000 miles since then due to Covid but now I can stay in 5th + OD for extended miles on the motorway and easily sit at 70 mph. At lower speeds I have flexibility of power and can 'pull" without necessarily dropping a gear. Pulling away from standstill is much nicer as I don't need that early change from 1st to 2nd when only halfway across the traffic lights.” (UK)

gear“Way more substantial than a Fairey, I’ve had both and the Roamerdrive is just way better.” (UK)

gear“I’ve got a mk11 Roamerdrive on my 200 tdi 109.  Excellent.  Not noisy, VERY well built and transformed driving. Great company to deal with and easy to fit, remove, resell, transfer I would very much recommend getting one. It’s not the fuel saving, which is nice but not radical it’s the more relaxed driving. I can maintain 45 to 55 mph all day, 200 plus miles and I’m not frazzled by noise.” (UK)

gear“Very quick and easy to fit, really nice to have the extra gear, works pretty smoothly - I had a 2nd hand unit which was a bit noisy in the end - I rebuilt it with new bearings, very easy to service. and the customer service from Roamer is superb, I actually had a couple of calls with the chap that actually designed the thing, he does all the technical help, it’s a lovely bit of kit. - just expensive.” (UK)

gear“For the Td5 you need to put in the adapted transfer case cover too so you get a bigger oil bath, as the load through it due to the Td5 is higher so it evidently gets a bit warmer. When I next get a spare 2k I'll probably get another!” (UK)

gear“With a Roamerdrive you can use it in all gears, and both high and low range. I installed one in my swb S3 about 7 or 8 years ago and it's been brilliant.  It did whine/howl a bit for the first thousand or so kms which I was told to expect, but once it seemed to bed itself in with the mating gear it quietened right down. I also have 3.54 diffs, so the revs are right down, but I do have one of those motors (with a few more horses) that everyone seems to dislike.”  (Australia)

gear“I've had one for 2 years now. Almost 3. It’s fabulous.”

gear“It is the Roamerdrive overdrive made in Canada they make for the series and LT230 boxes, I have one in my 300TDi well worth the money, can be used in any gear in H and L range, the disadvantage of changing LT230 Ratio from 1.4 to 1.22is it affects all gears so 1st and 2nd you lose power but gain speed or RPM drop in 4th and 5th.” (USA)

gear“I’ve just fitted a Roamerdrive bit expensive but great piece of kit, its virtually a walk in to fit really enjoyed the job. Runs smoothly in all gears just leave it in all the time no leaks just perfectly designed.”

gear“10x better than a Fairey ......” (UK)

gear“You also get the GKN overdrive which is solenoid operated but that uses its own oil separate from LT230 oil and have a tendency for overheating and problems, I looked into both before I bought my Roamerdrive overdrive. The Roamerdrive will give you a 28% reduction in RPM when engaged. Well worth adding if you do much highway driving. I see it as one of the best mods I have done so far.” (UK)

gear“Got a Roamerdrive overdrive on my 110, I wouldn't go back now on one trip recouped one third of cost back in diesel and you can reinstall original parts back with minimum effort so still got original defender but that extra gear for long hauls.” (UK)

gear“I tried the 1.2 transfer box on my 200 tdi 90 but I disliked it. Whilst it was good on the motorway it was horrible away from it as it moved 2nd and 3rd gear ratios into the wrong place for driving around town. The overdrive that I fitted after changing back to a 1.4 box is a far better solution. Your ratios are back where they were but you have that 6th gear for the motorway. IMHO the overdrive is the way to go albeit the more expensive route.” (UK)

gear“I fitted a Roamerdrive, along with the finned TC cover about six years ago to my Holden powered series 3 shorty, which also runs 3.54 diffs, but only 29" tyres (about 6.50-7.00). When I fitted it, I modified the gear lever for it so that it comes through the front of the seat box instead of the side of transmission tunnel. I sourced a mineral oil for it locally from our Mobil agent, XHP 75W-90. Like was said, oil leaks around the TC cover were an issue, but a better sealant solved that issue. I have found it to be very good and have even towed our 700kg camper with overdrive engaged, with no issues at all. Very happy with it.” (Australia)

gear“I have never seen a bad review for Roamerdrive.”   (Australia)

gear“After a drive down from Preston to Portsmouth and then Cherbourg to Santander with various adventures on the way, I can honestly say the Roamerdrive is a brilliant addition. Comparing last year’s trip round France with these years, the volume levels and driving comfort are vastly improved, it really came into its own on the French motorways.”  (UK)

gear“Brilliant piece of kit, isn't it? They are made just down the road from where I live in Vancouver.” (Canada)

gear“I have had mine for 6 months now, and can't imagine driving my Td5 without it.”  (UK)

gear“I have been getting a pretty consistent 28 MPG.”  (UK)

gear“It is great on the road. Really drops the noise and general busyness of the engine at 55 - 70 mph type speeds. On a September trip to Snowdon it proved useful to split gears on the hills. Would be even better on those long motorway hills where you go for miles feeling you are between gears.
Overall I'd recommend it especially if you do long journeys fairly often.”  (UK)

gear“I have had one for many years when they were called Rocky Mountain. They're really good.”  (UK)

gear“Hi chaps, For what it’s worth I thought I'd give you my opinion so far on my Roamerdrive. I purchased around a month ago and fitted it over a weekend, the instructions were clear but the key sticking points for me in the TD5 were the handbrake cable and wiring looms being in the way which needed to be moved out of the way. Also had the transfer sump gasket refuse to come unstuck, I replaced it with the extended sump cover also. I bought all the kit from Martin at Rocky Mountain Spares, really helpful chap. Anyways, after a month with the Roamer Drive fitted, I'm a happy chap, I had spent around a year looking into both the roamer drive and disco transfer box change and in the end went with the overdrive option. It’s a treat to pull onto the motorway and engage the overdrive, the rev's drop right down and noise levels drop significantly. Don't get me wrong, it’s still a defender but a quieter beast.  So, all in all I now have a Defender that is more comfy on the motorways and a visa card bill that make me sigh. Sorry for the lack of pics but as it was only me doing it, I spent most of the day covered in transfer oil and really could not be bothered.”  (UK)

gear“To upgrade my 1965 Series IIa, 88" Basic, I just installed the Global Roamer SS Overdrive. Fitted to the 2.25 petrol engine and early Series IIa gearbox/transfer case, it's made a great difference. I would recommend this to anyone considering it. The shared oil supply between the OD and the transfer case is genius and the dipstick for monitoring transfer case oil level is a great addition. I also purchased the SX-COV oil cooling transfer case cover. All the components are really well-engineered, very impressive. I love being able to use the OD in all gears. I live in hilly Middle-Tennessee and having eight forward speeds to select from is a huge plus. I did have to bend the lever in order to clear the path of the main gear selector, but it's still very convenient to shift the OD from the driver's position. Bottom line - forget purchasing used or rebuilt Farey's and Toro's. They are not competitive with the modern Global Roamer product. My two cents.” (USA)

gear“Took it for its first test run and was really impressed. It's made my 2.25d much more drivable. I feel safe taking it on motorways now and did an 8-mile stint up the M3. Sits quite happily at 55mph (7.50 x 16 Goodyear G90 tyres). The engine was keen to rev on further but I don't like pushing it. Those of you who have a 2.25d will be familiar with the nice 'food mixer' song when the engine is being worked nicely but pushed harder and it just feels a bit too much.” (UK)

gear“A special thanks. I ask for a main nut the 26 of May and I receive it ( France) the 2 of June! I use an SS Roamerdrive since 2018. Many thanks Alan.” (France)

gear“Received The Roamerdrive unit, included all of the instructions and pictures (needed by guys like me) and was able to install in about the time frame they indicated - 3 hours, including the new oil cooler pan that amazingly no longer leaks. Absolutely love the new overdrive, can't believe what a difference it makes in 3rd and 4th gears. It is quiet, shifts easily, and acts just like having an extra gear. It comes as advertised, works as advertised, and will put a big smile on your face out on the road. Thanks, Roamerdrive. Great piece of engineering for our old Landy's” (USA)

gear“Having run RRCs for 20 years I made the change to Defender. Love the defender but I do a lot of motorway work and a defender is hard work on the motorways it’s just geared wrong. Fitted the overdrive fantastic kit. Great instructions everything you need to do the job included, clearly written and the product designed by people who actually use them and spanner. It now sits / cruises at 70 on the motorway and I can make use of all the torque because it’s longer legged - probably the single best thing. Round town or loaded you can split gears and just keep it rolling. Thank-you to the team your efforts are very appreciated.” (UK)

gear“Roamerdrive is quieter than the Fairey overdrive it replaced. My Land Rover was converted to a Defender 2.5 diesel. With the Roamerdrive I get 8 liters/100km. [29.4 MPG] on the highway and cruise comfortably at 100 110 km/h [60-65 mph].  This fuel consumption would make some new SUV's jealous and is almost unbelievable for a vehicle with the aerodynamics of a brick wall.  Shifting is smooth.  Roamerdrive seems to handle the diesel's beefier torque with no complaints. Noise levels at speed are within the ambiance of all the other sounds series Land Rover owners know so well.” (USA)

gear“My circumstances combine 5–6-hour highway driving with off-road work and city driving at each end of the journey.  A crucial test is climbing and descending thousands of vertical feet through the mountains of British Columbia with a full truck bed weighing several 100 lbs.  I took the trip several times this summer and Roamerdrive performed flawlessly.  The old 109 actually behaved like it enjoyed the highway along with its usual grunt work.” (Canada)

gear“My full thanks to Roamerdrive for an exceptional product.” (Eire)

gear"I now use the Roverdrive SX, having sold this Fairey unit, as the older model would not cope for long with the torque of the TDI engine in my 109. So far, I’m very pleased with it   it’s quieter, and doesn’t need weekly topping up with oil. "  (UK)

gear"Here's my pennies worth. BUY THE ROVERDRIVE!  Ok they are expensive BUT....  They are new. They carry a warranty. They have better cooling and should be quieter than any 2nd hand OD on the market. They will hold their value and if you swap your Landy just take it with you. Think of it as an investment. The only alternative is a 2nd hand unit whose history is dubious, possibly noisy, leaky, and not as thermally efficient, and everybody wants  300 or more for them. So, add the extra and get the Roverdrive."  (UK)

gear"Why haven't I got one -  I was very lucky and got a Santana OD cheaply two years ago, they are supposed to be bomb proof and have a huge oil reservoir so they keep pretty cool too. Much bigger and very different to the Toro or Fairey units. But it does leak a bit of oil and it's a bit noisy. If I hadn't got it, I would be saving for a Roverdrive."

gear"Get a Roverdrive. Though it costs more than a Fairey, it is quieter and I'm pretty much positive that it will last longer. The input splines WILL wear out on a Fairey and it will have to be rebuilt sooner or later."  (UK)

gear"I like the smooth, positive shifting of the Roverdrive. Well done.  And the clean well-machined castings. Very thorough and professional. The body and guts of the unit are very well put together and were a nice clean fit. It will be a few days before I have the floor and the rest of the truck assembled, but then I'll take it out on the highway and see what it can really do."  (USA)

gear“I have been using a Roverdrive for a bit over three years, with a TDI pulling the heavy 109 on auto routes and up 1:3 ski slopes and up to 10,500' glaciers in the Alps while fully laden, and it's running beautifully. I don't think the Fairey I had before it would have survived the TDI transplant and certainly not that trip." (UK)

gear“I've used a Roverdrive for well over 100K miles on my 88 and it’s a good piece of kit. Comparatively quiet and adds a lot of flexibility to your gear ranges for the hills."  (USA)

gear"Downhill, about 88 mph on the clock maximum, 205 tyres, 88" 2  liters with Turner head, Roverdrive and Santana discs to stop it! " (UK)

gear“Seems everybody raves about the 200tdi and 300tdi, and lots of people convert to them, but I really like the simplicity of the 2.5. It may not set the road on fire, but hey, it's not supposed to!  I imagine I might feel different if I'd ever ridden in a 300tdi, but my 2.5 in combination with the Roverdrive does just fine. Of course, I don't have to deal with too many hills here in Texas either.” (USA)

gear"My '66 109 hardtop with Roverdrive does 15.7 mpg on LPG and 17.1 mpg on petrol." (USA)

gear"I would personally choose Roverdrive.  I think they've got a good reputation and I've had a Roverdrive for 4 years with no problems. Very good quality stuff." (USA)

gear"I would go with a really late S3 box and the Roverdrive; for those longer slogs you've got a nice strong overdrive to act as a splitter."  (UK)

gear“I now use the Roverdrive SX, having sold the Fairey unit, as the older model would not cope for long with the torque of the TDI engine in my 109.  So far, I’m very pleased with it - it’s quieter, and doesn’t need weekly topping up with oil.”  (USA)

gear“Although I don't have an overdrive in my vehicle, I have driven a Series III shorty which had a Roverdrive installed.  Cruising at 100 km/h with little or no fuss and noise was quite easy.  The owner swore by the Roverdrive and I have heard stories about Fairey not being the best product to install.  When I have the means then I will definitely go with a Roverdrive overdrive.”  (USA)

gear“I have had a Roverdrive installed on my truck for about 4 years and love it!  Absolutely dead quiet and very smooth shifting.  I have run it pretty hard behind a strong 3.0l turbo diesel and have had no issues.  Actually, we just returned from a trip to Alaska and I couldn't begin to even dream of ever doing a trip like that without one.” (Canada)

gear“Nick came over to install a Roverdrive with me. It took just under 2 hours to complete, and was a pretty logical process. Why a Roverdrive and not one of the other types of overdrives that are out there.   Local connection to parts.  Good self oiling system. And a rather creative methodology - using a planetary gear set meshed to one end of a Series III synchro hub, from the look of it.”  (UK)

gear“So far, I'm impressed with the way it lowers the RPM, but I think, with my 33-inch tires and 2.25 petrol engine, I'll have a bit of a strain actually maintaining speed on the highway due to lack of power. I'm planning an engine replacement at some point anyway, or I'll just have to tickle some more horsepower out of this one. Ray says a bit of port and polish and shaving the head to increase compression will do the trick nicely. It may be worth the effort before going to a full engine swap, as the cost of head tweaks will only be a couple of hundred bucks, a head gasket and my time.” (USA)

gear“In the meanwhile, it’s pretty quiet, with a slight whine, which will disappear as the new main gear wears in with the old idler. This is very minor compared to what I heard - that overdrives could be rather noisy beasts.” (Australia)

gear“This unit literally makes it possible to run a Land Rover in the Great Race with a chance of getting good scores. With the 4.70:1 axle gears and short 6.00 x 16 tires, top cruising speed was around 55, and that's winding it pretty good. Not only does the Roverdrive provide better top end cruising, it's selectable in any ratio, so that we can sustain speeds of 35 or 40 up the steepest hills by using third/overdrive. Keeping the low overall gearing greatly improves acceleration, and at speeds up to 35 mph it's as fast as anything on the road. The unit is mounted on the back of our own rebuilt trans and t-case. We now have 16 forward speeds and 4 reverse! What we lack in power we make up for in gears.” (USA  The Great Race is a long-distance rally)

gear“I'd also like to say thanks for the Roverdrive. Trouble free for the last 5 five years I've had it.”

gear“Yes, excellent piece of kit. If you can find a good Fairey overdrive it’ll do the job, but the Roamerdrive is in another league. I’ve put a lot of miles on both.”  (Eire)

gear“Roverdrives are a great piece of kit and very reliable. For a while I was doing 1000 miles a week thundering along on the freeway. It held together very nicely, was comparatively quiet and kept the rpm down to around the 3000 to 3200 rpm for Freeway speeds. I have a lot of miles on my unit.” (USA)

gear“Well on my 71 IIA 88 with 30 X 9.5 rubber and a Roverdrive the speedo tells me I can push her up to 70 mph. I think that given the realms of scientific measurement error in a Rover speedo that it is more likely to be 65 mph in reality. The engine was mildly breathed on with Turner head, 2.5 Cam, Rochester, K&N and electronic ignition.”  (USA)

gear“I used to do 1K miles a week like this on the I10 between Phx and Tucson. I wouldn't say I could beat any land speed records but it was fast enough that I could happily rumble along with the big rigs in the inside lane. You still slow down on long climbs. If you stay on top of your maintenance and your revs below 4K the engine should be just fine on the freeway - if anything giving it a good blast helps blow out any carbon build up”.  (Arizona USA)

gear“My airportable was bought almost sight unseen with a turner 2.5 (I think) and a Roverdrive that ran like a raped ape. I picked it up in Jacksonville, FL and drove straight back home to CT. On the way back I distinctly remember seeing the speedometer pass 85 mph for a short while as I was passing some big rigs and an irate Jeeper that I had just cut off.”  (USA)

gear"Although I enjoy doing business with RDS I don't believe the Fairey OD is as good as the Roverdrive. Just one man's opinion. Not trying to start a war here.” (USA) ( Rovers Down South  'RDS' succeeded the Fairey company and made the Fairey overdrive in New Orleans U.S.A. for a few years in the early 2000s.  The company no longer exists.)

gear“After driving my rig for nearly 5 years constantly checking the transfer case fluid and cleaning (lol) my driveway, I bought an aluminum case cover from Roverdrive about 6 months ago. Holy S--T!! What a difference! No drips, no messes and the whole thing seems to be running cooler. So far it has been the best $100 I've spent. Does anyone else have any experience with this beauty ” (USA)

gear“I use my truck as my daily driver, so an overdrive is a must. I've put on about 600km's this week on the Roverdrive.  It’s easy to forget it’s even there, which is very good thing.  The Fairey was stupid loud. earplugs were a must. It drowned out everything else completely. I’ll take a better look at it to see what’s wrong with it, but it was working perfectly then suddenly got VERY loud in a matter of seconds, so it’s not just that it’s worn out on areas due to use  there was a failure of some sort that caused it. I spoke to RDS and after determining that there was no way to determine what might be wrong with it, I'd have to send it down there for a hefty chunk of change then get it assessed and that could have cost as much as a new unit anyway. even if it was deemed too worn to repair, I would still be out the shipping. Just made more sense to switch to the Roverdrive and be done with it. Glad I did.  Money very well spent on this unit.  As they say, you never regret paying for quality.” (USA)

gear“Everything you need is included when you purchase it from Ray at Roverdrive Gear Corporation. If you have any questions give him a call, they are great to deal with and are super helpful. I love having one in my 1960 series II 109 sw... did 60 to 75 with no problem. Enjoy!”  (USA)

gear“Man, I want one of those Roverdrives!” (USA)

gear“I've never heard a negative word about the Roverdrive. But maybe I'm just not listening. If I was in the market today, I would probably go with the Roverdrive.”  (USA)

gear“I also would push for the Roverdrive. I put one in last year and it has been great - quiet and reliable. Again, the highway is where you mostly use it, and splitting gears when climbing hills.” (USA)

gear“The Roverdrive is well worth the money. Not only do they work very well but Ray is easy to get in touch with if you do have any trouble. I called him up a few weeks ago to help clarify something for a transmission rebuild I was doing. In the call I noted that one of the batwing washers inside my Roverdrive was getting loose and will probably need to be replaced soon. To this Ray said:  'Oh! That sounds like a high mileage unit. If you don't mind sending it in when you get through with your travels, I'd love to show it to the boys and we can rebuild the unit for you. We don't get many units sent back to us.'  If that isn't telling about how robust they are, I don't know what is!”  (Canada)

gear“I installed a Roverdrive last fall after 6 months without any overdrive. (cringe) My Fairey disintegrated after 15+ years of use - I can't say that I didn't get some use out of it (including an Alaska-to-Argentina jaunt). But I will say that my new Roverdrive works better, is quieter and seems more robust than the Fairey. It has also actually made my transmission shift and hold gears better, maybe because the slop in my worn Fairey was facilitating it jumping out of gear. Now there's no more of that. I am aware of a slight whine while driving with it disengaged, but engaged it doesn't get any louder. Overall, I'm very happy with it. It wasn't an absolutely effortless installation, but it worked OK, especially since I had already had an overdrive in there. I can recommend it highly.” (USA)

gear"I have/love my 110 mod 2.5 na and while I thought about a 200/300 tdi swap, I really like the simple mechanical fuel injection. My 110 came with a Roverdrive unit, similar to the old Fairy units. Seems bullet proof, really extends the top end (Got to 120 kph! and ran out of nerve). It’s another option to consider.”  (Australia)

gear“I have no personal experience with a Fairey unit, but have recent experience (last several weeks) with a new Roverdrive in my '63 SWB, 2.25 gas. I run a Rochester I recently rebuilt using a 50 main jet.  I also use the stock oil bath air filter. Before overdrive, and daily driving to/from work, etc., which here is about 19 miles each way on 2 lane roads, the Series averaged about 15 mpg without overdrive...this with fairly fresh engine (7:1). I checked fuel usage yesterday again after a couple months getting used to Roverdrive (splitting on hills, etc. as has been mentioned), and it gave just over 19 mpg. Point is not carb choice, rather the decrease in fuel usage. It is also quite smooth engaging/disengaging, and very quiet when engaged. So, it is saving on fuel, wear & tear, and is far more pleasant to drive. I also drive about 55 when engaged. It will run 60-65 if called on, but not through hills. I am glad I put the Roverdrive in, it is doing what I was after.” (USA)

gear“I installed a new Roverdrive last year after my Fairey disintegrated. (I put over 100,000 miles on the Fairey unit, which was not new even when I got it in 1994.) I can't say enough good things about the Roverdrive unit - it's quiet, it was fairly easy to install since I had holes drilled for the Fairey anyway, it doesn't add any noise to the truck and it lowers the engine speed for highway cruising. It also offers some gear splitting capabilities and engages and disengages crisply. Their customer service is good. My Series IIA's tendency to slip out of third gear has also disappeared, making me think the old Fairey was so worn all the gears were a little sloppy. So, I would recommend it.” (USA)

gear“I purchased my Roverdrive before I even took delivery of my series truck about a year ago...
fantastic improvement in drivability and really can’t imagine driving a series truck on the hwy without one. Even around town in 40-45 mph zones the 3 1/2 gear is just perfect.”  (USA)